Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aha, you thought I'd forgotten!

Well, I haven't been forgetting, really I haven't! Just been a bit busy. ... Not that I really need to apologize, I guess, as I seriously doubt this will ever become a major dissemination point of knowledge, wisdom, and poetry or anything. ... Well, maybe poetry. ^_^

Egad, I've been working on my paper too long. I actually used "Dissemination" in a sentence. >_< Well then, for the sake of the 2 people and one small cat who might be reading this, I will pause for a while. I'll get back to this soon, though. Maybe next week. And I'll try to make this thing a little friendlier. Hopefully I don't break it. Ah well, if that happens I can always blame the cat.

Oh, and I have made things easier for potential posters. If you are someone other than said pair of people and/or small cat, please be polite or at least funny. Else I will have to smite your post down with all the fury of a slightly sleepy 8 ounce ball of pizza-powered calico terror! (And I trust you do not wish to risk the wrath of the calico)

Anyway, tschuss for now.