Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aha, you thought I'd forgotten!

Well, I haven't been forgetting, really I haven't! Just been a bit busy. ... Not that I really need to apologize, I guess, as I seriously doubt this will ever become a major dissemination point of knowledge, wisdom, and poetry or anything. ... Well, maybe poetry. ^_^

Egad, I've been working on my paper too long. I actually used "Dissemination" in a sentence. >_< Well then, for the sake of the 2 people and one small cat who might be reading this, I will pause for a while. I'll get back to this soon, though. Maybe next week. And I'll try to make this thing a little friendlier. Hopefully I don't break it. Ah well, if that happens I can always blame the cat.

Oh, and I have made things easier for potential posters. If you are someone other than said pair of people and/or small cat, please be polite or at least funny. Else I will have to smite your post down with all the fury of a slightly sleepy 8 ounce ball of pizza-powered calico terror! (And I trust you do not wish to risk the wrath of the calico)

Anyway, tschuss for now.


  1. LOL! =D Ah yes, Cinnamon was indeed a terror... to boxes of donuts! And whatever happened to be sitting on top of them in an effort to keep their lids closed to the small cat. LOL! It never worked, though we did try for ages before we found a method that foiled her. We just had to hide it behind the cereal boxes in the second shelf of the pantry. Though I think I caught her snooping around in that shelf one time... =) I think all cats must be natural acrobats. Except, perhaps, for the now-absent Merlin... she wasn't terribly graceful when hunting birds in the front lawn, was she? She tended to flail at dive bombing birds... though she did manage to stun one once! <=) And her namesake, Merla, is a tad on the chubby side, too, isn't she? Yes, yes, I know... I'm finally admitting that my cat... sigh... is fat. Don't laugh too hard!! You'll hurt yourself. =)

  2. It seems you HAVE forgotten, Brother! Will we never hear your humorous meanderings in this format again?!? Oh great behemoth sigh of sadness... or rather, "...Siiiiighh..." it's the dots of silence before and after that make it a Grandpa Sigh! lol Love you Brother! Hope you're doing well.

  3. Oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeere, is my Brother? Oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is my Brother? Oh where oh where, not there not there, oh where not there oh where not there, oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere... is my Brother? <=)

    Miss you!